One tree planted in Africa for every air purifying bag bought.

How many bags do you need?

You'll use Bisou Natural for functional purposes-- 10/10!

You're so savvy! Getting electronic air purifiers are a great idea, especially if you have allergy problems.

We think you'll be PERFECT for Bisou Natural because you clearly already understand the importance of having clean air, and Bisou Natural doesn’t come with the hefty price tag of electronic air purifiers.

Just think about it…instead of getting ONE electronic air purifier, you can get a whole bunch of Bisou Natural air purifying bags to place all over your home, car, office, and have spare cash for that dress/kitchen set/shoes you've been eyeing!

You'll use Bisou Natural to accessorize--10/10!

What if you can start making your home more beautiful with small changes that doesn’t cost a bomb or require days of conceptualizing and "inspiration"??

Based on our calculations, you need 11 Bisou Natural air purifying bags.

Most Bisou Natural fans use about 7 to 15 Bisou Natural air purifying bags all over their homes, cars, offices.

Our SUPER users use up to 30.  

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