One tree planted in Africa for every air purifying bag bought.

How many bags do you need?

You'll use Bisou Natural for functional purposes-- 8/10!

Lucky you! Half of America has some form of allergies. Regardless, allergies or not, clean air is critical for everyone!

Prevent developing adult-onset allergies by starting to live clean- Prevention is better than cure!

You'll use Bisou Natural to accessorize-10/10!

Obviously someone with good taste like yourself will want to have Bisou Natural to make you home oh-so-instaworthy!

Based on our calculations, you need 8 Bisou Natural air purifying bags.

Most Bisou Natural fans use about 7 to 15 Bisou Natural air purifying bags all over their homes, cars, offices.

Our SUPER users use up to 30.  

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