One tree planted in Africa for every air purifying bag bought.

About Bisou Natural

Say BYE to traditional air fresheners that are filled with chemicals and artificial fragrances.

Fragrances are synthetic compounds that contribute to indoor air pollution.

Bisou Natural is all-natural: CHEMICAL-FREE and TOXIN-FREE.

Unlike typical air fresheners that use artificial fragrances to mask odor, Bisou Natural effectively removes odor.

Did you know?

Typical air fresheners contain over 80,000 chemicals that are linked to cancer, birth defects, and hormone disruptions.

Bisou Natural air purifying bag is THE safe and sustainable alternative that removes odor, allergens, bacteria and all bad things out of the air!

It contains one *magic* ingredient-- premium activated Moso bamboo charcoal, which detoxifies the air *naturally*!

Ugly Sweater

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A Dog Named Christmas

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Midnight Blue

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Each piece of Bisou Natural air purifying bag is lovingly handmade and we plant one tree for every bag bought.

Comes in a pair- each one is 3 x 6 inch, and weighs 3 oz.

100% "Black Gold"


Unlike typical air fresheners that try to mask odors and bad smells, our premium activated Moso bamboo charcoal ACTUALLY removes odor, giving you PURE and CLEAN air!

Where can I use Bisou Natural?

... and the perfect stocking stuffers for smelly shoes!

How long can they last?

Why is Bisou Natural so meaningful?


"I'm going to tuck some of them under my Christmas tree and have them all over my rooms!"


"It's the gift that keeps on giving!"



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