One tree planted in Africa for every air purifying bag bought.

What are the goodies in each Deluxe Set?

What are the goodies in each Deluxe Set?

Reusable Artisan Bag


Feeling guilty about the endless Christmas gift packaging that looks beautiful but gets thrown away after the gifts are unwrapped?

Say BYE to holiday packaging wastage!

Take a step towards a more environmentally-friendly Christmas this year! Bisou Natural Christmas Deluxe Sets come in a reusable artisan cotton bag that you WANT to reuse. Use the stylish bag for storage, carrying groceries or even as a fashionable backpack!


"I use my blue bag as a backpack on casual weekends! So many of my friends have asked me which boutique I got the backpack from..."

Tabitha Nething, New York

4 pieces of Small Air Purifying Bags

Surprise your friends and family by using them as Christmas sock stuffings!

Perfect for small smelly spaces like shoes, gym bags, car consoles and more!

Weight: 3 oz each

Dimensions; 3 by 6 inch, each

*8 pieces in Ugly Sweater Deluxe set

"My husband calls these the 'hamburgers' he puts in his shoes🤣"

Vanessa Cushing, Minnesota

3 pieces of Standard Air Purifying Bags


Great for mid-sized spaces such as cars, kitchens, mudrooms, laundry rooms and pet pens.

Weight: 7 oz each

Size: 6 by 6 inch, each

"How have I survived without these all my life!!

I've struggled with environmental allergies and finally got a prick test to pinpoint the worst offenders. Turns out I'm allergic to A LOT of things that are hidden in air fresheners, soaps, candles, and even my bedding!

I've used Bisou Natural to detox my home and move towards clean living. Bisou Natural air purifying bags are fashionable, affordable, and most importantly, effective! I have officially said BYE to all the allergy-triggering chemicals!"

@trim_design_co, Boston

2 pieces of Jumbo Air Purifying Bags



A stink-buster on steroids! Made for larger spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, and the office.

Weight: 18 oz each

Size: 8 by 8 inch, each

*1 piece of Jumbo size in Ugly Sweater Deluxe Set


Got 3 Deluxe Sets!!! I want to keep them all to myself... but it's the Season of Giving... so I shall give 2 of the Jumbo ones to my boss... She has 4 kids so I think she'll find them useful!"

Clara Haynor, Canada

Certificate of Appreciation


You and/or the person you're gifting deserve the recognition for helping us plant 30 trees with each Deluxe bag you buy!

Show this off to Santa at Christmas to tell him that you’ve been *really* good this year!


“Have you been good this year?

- Santa



Beauty lies beneath the surface...Use the toothpick that comes in the envelope to scratch and reveal vibrant colors!

Design your own Bisou Natural Charcoal Card as a personalized greeting card for your loved ones or as a handmade Christmas ornament (comes with a string that you can use to hang on your Christmas tree!).

Each Bisou Natural Christmas Deluxe Set comes with 3 different designs of Bisou Natural Charcoal Cards.


“My 10 year-old daughter loves playing with this and creating her own ornaments for our Christmas tree!”

- Cindy Cox, Los Angeles